CD Technologies Inc – Comorbidity Detection Technologies

CD Technologies Inc – Comorbidity Detection Technologies – is a dynamic multidisciplinary company dedicated to mathematical diagnostic modeling of aging and aging-related diseases, for the purposes of their early preventative and personalized therapy.

We develop the practically applicable and at the same time sophisticated expert software system for indication of physiological age, for early diagnosis of aging-related ill health and personalization of aging-related and healthspan extending treatments – “The Quantified Longevity Guide – QLG”. The system will facilitate early detection and corresponding preventive early treatment of major aging-related diseases (such as cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease and diabetes), based on the assessment of physiological age.

In addition to diagnostic modeling, our team of experts in bioinformatics, biology, social and research aspects of aging and aging-related diseases performs consultancy, analysis and education services for the public and the professional community on aging and longevity research, facilitates the communications between the public and researchers on the one hand, and between the researchers and potential sponsors and decision makers on the other.