As this is primarily a health data analysis project, the initial team comprises experts in the relevant fields:

Dr. David Blokh, Chief Technology Officer. Algorithm developer. 
He obtained his Ph.D. degree from the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel. His research interests include combinatorial optimization, information-theory analysis and pattern recognition, applying advanced data mining techniques in biomedicine. His papers have appeared in Progress in Neurobiology, Discrete Applied Mathematics, Methods of Information in Medicine, Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine, Cancer Detection and Prevention, Aging and Disease, and other journals. He holds a patent and patent application.

Dr. Ilia Stambler. Chief Executive Officer. Analyst. 
He obtained his Ph.D. degree from Bar Ilan University, Israel. His research focuses on the historical and social implications of biomedical research of aging and life extension. He is also involved in research for modeling aging and life-extending processes and aging-related diseases. He has been involved in education and advocacy for biomedical aging research. He is the author of A History of Life-extensionism in the Twentieth Century. His papers have appeared in Progress in Neurobiology, Aging and Disease, Cancer Detection and Prevention, Rejuvenation Research, Current Aging Science, Global Aging, Frontiers in Genetics, and other journals.

Mr. Ilia Kreiman, Software Engineer 
He holds B.Th. degree from Negev Academic College of Engineering, Israel. He has many years of experience in signal data processing, analysis and development of algorithms, software development and programming of enterprise-wide medical information system solutions. He holds 4 patents.

Note: In time, the team can be expanded, especially with the addition of physicians, biologists and data technicians. New collaborations can be formed with relevant organizations, particularly those involved in biomedical data mining, diagnostic research and health information distribution. Due to the open and cumulative nature of this project, it can be scaled up to almost any dimension, depending on the funding, number of people involved and accessibility of data.
Please address project-related correspondence to Ilia Stambler